Head of the Laboratory

Faizal Johan Atletiko, S. Kom., M. T. 

Laboratory members

  1. Nur Aini Rakhmawati, S. Kom., M. Sc. Eng. , Ph. D.  
  2. Radityo Prasetianto Wibowo, S. Kom., M. Kom
  3. Renny Pradina Kusumawardhani, S. T., M. T. 
  4. Irmasari Hafidz, S. Kom., M. Sc.


Strategic issues on which to base and focus of research Laboratory Data acquisition and Dissemination of Information Department of Information System, Faculty of Information Technology (FTIF) year 2015-2020 is the utilization of information and communication technologies for the development of transparency and enrichment public information.

Data and information is one of the vital elements in aspect of social life. Therefore, the mastery of technology for data and information is important to the prosperity and sovereignty of the nation. There are three important elements is the main topic of research, among others :

  • Data Acquisition

The data that currently exists around us heterogeneous, both in terms of structure (structured and unstructured), location (distributed or centralized), from various sources/resources (example data from websites, text messages / sms, etc.) , and the volume (example: massive data or big data)..

  • Paradigm Processing

Along with the development of resources and the volume of data, grew a variety of technologies for processing such data. Each of these technologies is the implementation of a different paradigm about the data, and innovation embodied in the techniques of pre-processing and data processing.

  • Dissemination of Information

The process and method of processing the data into information that is more valuable.

Research Activities

  1. MonVis-Musrenbang, Department of Information System and Dow Chemical US, 2015, website at http://monvis-musrenbang.com/web/about.php