Through it’s existence up until today, there has been many historical moments that can be written down with gold ink as a mark of excellence and positive progress of FTIF’ Information Systems; such as :

  1. February 2003, Got a SP4 competition grant from DIKTI Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional RI.
  2. September 2005, graduated the first ever bachelor of information systems.
  3. Agustus 2006, Achieved national accreditation from BANPT with score A (very good).
  4. Agustus 2006, Achieved first place at ITS Award C Category (new programe with 300 student).
  5. Maret 2007, Printed and published information systems community magazine (GengSi) for the first time.
  6. Nopember 2007, Achieved special honor as program with best productivity at ITS Award.
  7. February 2008, Launched a New Logo of FTIF’ Informatio System.
  8. August 2008, Published SI WAYS, a recorded tape of study tour and exploration for program development for the first time.
  9. September 2008, Conducted the first ever Joint Research with foreign institution (Kumamoto Uiversity) which was achieved via ITS-JICA collaboration.
  10. Nopember 2008, Published first ever SisFo journal.
  11. December 2008, Organized national seminar as Sesindo (Seminar Sistem Informasi Indonesia) for the first time.
  12. January 2009, Booked the first working achievement documentation and report as a dilligance of Head and Secretary Program to main stakeholder in ITS.
  13. March 2009, Conducted first recruitment for lecturers and staffs using job training system and training.
  14. May 2009, Broadcasted SITV (sistem informasi televisi) for the first time.
  15. July 2009, Established Magister (S2) information systems program in collaboration with Post-Graduate Informatics Engineering FTIF ITS.
  16. Nopember 2009, achieved special honor as program with most collaboration at ITS Award.
  17. March 2010, Established the student’s parents forum of Information Systems (FORMASI)
  18. March 2010, Organized student’s parents gathering fot the first time. An occasion where student presents their achievement to the forum.