Head of the Laboratory

Rully Agus Hendrawan, S. Kom., M.Eng.

Laboratory members

  1. Erma Suryani, S. T., M. T., Ph. D
  2. Mahendrawathi ER., S. T., M. Sc., Ph. D
  3. Arif Wibisono, S. Kom., M. Sc.
  4. Amna Shifia Nisafani, S. Kom., M. Sc.
  5. Andre Parvian Aristio, S. Kom., M. Sc.
  6. Mudjahidin, S.T., M.T.
  7. Riska Asriana, S.Kom


Enterprise Systems Laboratory stands on the odd semester 2015/2016, sheltering some elective courses for students of final semester as follows.

  1. ERP Systems
  2. E-Business
  3. Business Continuity Plan


Area of Research :

  • Enterprise Systems: Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Bussiness Process Management: Process Mining, Workflow
  • Business Modelling and Analysis: System Modelling and Analysis, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Geographical Information System.
  • Data and Knowledge Management: Data Warehousing, OLAP, Database

Research Activities

Strategic issues which are the basis and focus of research on Enterprise System Laboratory, Information Systems Department, Information Techonlogy Faculty 2015-2020 are is related to research on the following :

  1. Model and Information Techonlogy Development for Sustainable Energy Development Renewable Energy Generation)
  2. Model and Information Techonlogy Development for Sustainable Agri Food Systems
  3. Model and Information Techonlogy Development for Sustainable Urban Planning
  4. Study on Enterprise Systems Implementation in Indonesia
  5. Process Mining Technique Implementation for Enterprise Performance Improvement
  6. Study on Business Process Extraction from Text for Best Practice on certain procedure
  7. Study on Best Practice for plug-in development for proven and Open Source ERP Product
  8. Study on How to develop Green Business Process Systems for Business Process Execution Support b Menunjang Eksekusi Business Process Environmentally without losing Service Level Agreement
  9. Study on Best Practice for Schedulling
  10. Non-functional Requirement Analysis for ERP Systems
  11. Non-functional Testing for ERP Systems
  12. White Box and Black Box Testing for ERP Systems
  13. Customer Touchpoints for UMKM