These are Department of Information Systems's vision, mission and values.


Vision of Department of Information Systems, ITS is "To become a Research Based Information Systems Department with International Reputation in 2025."


Mission of Department of Information Systems, ITS includes aspects of education, research, and community service (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi), namely:

  1. Holding a high-quality education in the field of Information Systems
  2. Develop and implement information systems / information technology for welfare of society and improve the nation's competitiveness.
  3. Provide satisfaction and prosperity to every faculty of Information Systems.


  1. Ethics and Integrity; in the society, the state, as well as carrying out his profession, always sticking to the norms and regulations in force in the community, nation, and religion.
  2. Creativity and Innovation; always looking for new ideas to generate innovations in performing the task / role better.
  3. Excellence; earnestly tries to achieve perfect results.
  4. Strong leadership; exhibit behaviors that visionary, creative, innovative, hard-working, dare to make changes to the better, and responsible.
  5. Synergy; working together to be able to utilize as much as possible of its potential.
  6. Social togetherness and Social Responsibility; maintain harmony and caring for the surrounding community.


Targets to be achieved by the Department of Information Systems, Institute of Technology are:

  1. Teaching and Academics
  • Produce graduates who are competitive
  • Carrying out a program capable of pushing towards an international reputation
  1. Research
  • Produce research that impact on revenue generation, encouraging research salable products
  • Produce a paper that can increase the h-index
  1. Service
  • Applying science and technology to boost economy
  1. Facilities and Infrastructure
  • The availability of infrastructure
  1. Human Resources
  • Provide competent human resources for the tri dharma
  1. Organization and Management
  • Provide OTK availability and a comprehensive SOP
  • Implementation of the quality management system at the Department level