ERP Systems in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature Review

by Osamah Alhadi A. Alloush,Mahendrawathi ER
( Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember )

Date Published: 31 Jan 2020
Published In: SISFO VOL 9 No 2
Volume: VOL 9 NO 2
Publisher: Departemen Sistem Informasi, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Language: id-ID

Keywords: Higher Education,Enterprise Resource Planning System,ERP System,Higher Education Management Strategic,ERP Implementation


The digital world is a world of technology and information that has opened acceleration in various fields. One of them is in the field of education which also feels the rapid impact of the development of technology and information. Therefore, the government asks every college/university to improve performance effectively and efficiently in order to have good performance. Therefore, the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System that is integrated with various service activities in higher education is seen as one way to improve the performance of higher education. Starting from the above, this research is intended to find out about the application of the Enterprise Resource Planning System in the world of higher education (universities). The literature review conducted by researchers is intended to illustrate the implementation of ERP systems in universities today and also the implementation of ERP systems in universities that have been studied in various previous studies.

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