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eGovernmente-Government and IT Governance Research GroLBE-certified copyup is a group of researchers, lecturers, students, and practitioners who are interested in conducting research, study, discussion and publication on e-government and IT governance topics. e-Government refers to the use of Information Communication Technologies (including the Internet, mobile technologies, telephones, fax machines, surveillance systems, tracking systems such as RFID tags, television, and radios) to provide government-related information and services to the citizens. e-Government covers the digital interactions between a government and citizens (G2C), government and businesses/commerce (G2B), government and employees (G2E), and between government and governments /agencies (G2G). IT Governance refers to the processes, organizational structures, leaderships, decision rights, rules and regulation to ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. IT Governance covers 5 domains:

  • IT-Business Strategic Alignment,
  • IT Value Delivery,
  • IT Risk Management,
  • IT Resource Management, and
  • IT Performance Measurement.


e-Government & IT Governance Research Group investigates 4 main Research Sub-Topics:

  1. IT Adoption & Usability
  2. IT Governance, including IT Strategic  Alignment, Value Delivery, Risk Management, Performance Measurement, and Resource Management.
  3. IT Service Management
  4. IT Audit

It covers all aspects presented on the group’s research road map (below).

Research Road map
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e-Government & IT Governance Research Group affiliates with the laboratory of Information Systems Design & Development (PPSI), the Department of Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia.  Our research group has been certified as an authorized Lab-Based Education (LBE) lab from JICA PREDICT, one of research groups that implements LBE management.


e-Government & IT Governance Research Group is an OPEN GROUP

Even this research group is formally under the Department of Information Systems-ITS, we welcome everyone who wanna collaborate with us in research, project or publication on one/more aspects of our research area, including:

  • Prospective students of ITS (Master and Doctorate program) who are looking for a research supervisor.
  • Current students of ITS who are looking for a research idea and a research supervisor.
  • Researchers who are looking for collaboration with ITS on our research topics.
  • Private or government organizations that need a partner or a consultant in evaluating, designing, developing, and managing their IT governance.

Feel free to contact us at: Phone. (+62) 31 – 5999944 Fax. (+62) 31 – 5964965 email: tonydwisusanto@is.its.ac.id

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