Optimum Sizing of Photovoltaic-Wind Power Hybrid System For Small Information System Center in Perlis, Malaysia

by M. Irwanto,Y.M. Irwan,N. Gomesh,S. P. Hadi
( Center Excellence for Renewable Energy (CERE) Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Department of Electrical and Information Technology Gadjahmada University (UGM) )

Date Published: 02 Dec 2013
Published In: Information Systems International Conference (ISICO)
Volume: 2013
Publisher: Departemen Sistem Informasi, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Language: id-ID

Keywords: Photovoltaic,Wind power,Hybrid system,Information system centre


This paper presents a methodology for calculation of the optimum sizing of photovoltaic (PV)-wind power hybrid system. Data of temperature, solar radiation and wind speed throughout the year of 2011 in Perlis was recorded and analyzed. These data were used to calculate the power of PV and wind generation. Power difference between the inverter demanded power of the small information system center and generated power was calculated. To find the optimum sizing of PV-wind power hybrid system, a wind power generation was decided to be hybrid with number of the PV module. The result shows that the optimum PV module number is 18 (difference between the generated power and demanded power is zero). It is assuming that the inverter demand power of small information system center for the working day and public holiday were 500 W and 100 W, respectively.

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