Integrating IQ Engines Smartcamera and Google API for Android to Find Books through Google Books

by Stefanus,Julius Polar,Maulahikmah Galinium
( Department of Information Technology Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Swiss German University )

Date Published: 02 Dec 2013
Published In: Information Systems International Conference (ISICO)
Volume: 2013
Publisher: Departemen Sistem Informasi, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Language: id-ID

Keywords: Android,Image Recognition,IQ Engines,SmartCamera,Google Books,Book Readers


Today, it is basically impossible to live without the help of technology. Technology makes everything simpler and faster. For example, the appearance of e-books. People make e-books, to help readers all over the world to continue reading without the need to carry books around. Some people find the idea amusing, but some don’t. It is proven by people who still read books from printed books. These particular people find it classy and elegant to read from books, and they choose not to give in their hobby to technology. In this research, the author gives support to these people by giving accessibility using technology, without replacing their precious books. Although the idea of replacing books with e-books was not accepted by all readers, the idea of smartphones is globally accepted. Almost everyone uses smartphone. The idea of this research is to help these people to find books titles for them to read. In the process of turning this idea into reality, the author uses an image recognition application for Android to provide simplicity and provide the application with Google Books, which has a large books database. By the end of the research, integrating the two components is possible and the application is created, but strictly only to Android smartphones, excluding Android tablet PCs. The application can be used to find books strictly only those similar in title.

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