User Interface Design for Elderly Mobile Assistive Systems

by Wahidah Husain,Amirah Mohamed Shahiri and Asma Wati Ibrahim

Date Published: 01 Nov 2015
Published In: Information Systems International Conference (ISICO)
Volume: 2015
Publisher: Departemen Sistem Informasi, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Language: id-ID

Keywords: user interface; elderly; human-mobile interaction; mobile assistive; mobile apps


The increasing number of the elderly population and process of modernization and migration for work has increase the issue of giving support for older people. This had contributed to a worrisome feeling among the caretakers. Therefore, Mobile Assistive Apps is designed to support and improve the quality of life among elderly. In order to develop the application, an empirical study had been conducted to discover the requirements for designing suitable Human Mobile Interaction (HMI) for elderly. Older people will experience cognitive, perceptual and psychomotor impairment that restricted them to use the smart phone or touch screen technology. This study had proposed a set of recommendations for designing HMI that will enhance their navigation and access to touch screen of the smart phone. The evaluation result with the average score 92% satisfaction on the interface design of the system indicated that the proposed recommendations had enhanced elderly navigation of the system.

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