Why Sponsoring ISICO & SESINDO 2013?


By sponsoring SESINDO ISICO 2013 and 2013, your company can:
1) Participate in the formulation of Information Systems model Curriculum for all courses in all Indonesian Department of Information Systems for higher education;
2) Participate in the establishment of initiation activities for Indonesian Chapter of the Association of Information Systems (IAIS) and support the educational and research cooperation between Indonesian institutions with international institutions;
3) Support research activities, publications and scientific meetings to national and international academics, researchers, and practitioners of Information Systems.

Sponsorship Benefits

Aside from being Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the benefits that a company can possibly get from ISICO 2013 and SESINDO 2013 as a sponsor, are:

1. Publication and Association with the Conference

Since May 2013, the events of ISICO and SESINDO 2013, have been promoted to 430 schools of Computer Science and Information Systems in Indonesia, to the Overseas Indonesian Students Association (OISAA) network in many countries, to the 850 universities member of the Association of College of Informatics and Computer Science (APTIKOM), and more than 300 Schools of Information Systems, Business, and Computer Science around the world via the conference web site, e-mail, postal mail, brochures, posters, and other promotional media. Promotion of this event will be repeated every month and forwarded to more than 200 companies / industries in Indonesia, Asia, and Australia.

2. Promoting Profiles and Product/Services of the Sponsor

Sponsor companies are given greater opportunities to take advantage of all the facilities of ISICO and SESINDO 2013 for promoting their pofiles and products/services to the conference participants (authors, non-authors, organizers, reviewers, and keynote speakers from Indonesia and other countries). The presentation can be presented in the form of a special session sponsor presentations, brochures, stage backdrop, plenary sessions and presentations, wallpaper presentation, seminar kit, exhibition stands, posters, and other promotional media. This event is an excellent opportunity for the sponsors to make the products or services they offer widely known or to obtain product feedback,especially from the academic, government, and industry in Indonesia and other countries of origin of participants.

By June 17, 2013 the Committee has received more than 415 Abstract from 63 institutions, 12 countries . We predict there will be at least 500 participants attending the conference.

3. Strengten Corporate Image

By supporting events of SESINDO ISICO 2013, your company will be known as one of the companies or organizations that have a strong commitment to educational and research activities. This support will not just benefit to the companies, but also to contribute to the sustainable development of the nation. Because this conference will involve participants from media and cross-sector industry professionals, your company involvement in the conference will also support the marketing and sales efforts through brand positioning which in turn will help increasing profits and sales.

4. Networking with other Industrial players as well as with Academia, Researchers, Government, and Media

During this three-days conference, the sponsors can interact directly with the keynote speakers and participants from Indonesia and other countries with various backgrounds (industry, academia, researchers and government). The sponsors may obtain personal contacts of all agencies participating in this conference in order to explore more opportunities for next cooperation and promotion.

5. Updating Technology Trends and Getting Feedback from Targeted Customers

Sponsoring SESINDO and ISICO 2013 will also enable the companies to determine technology trends, especially Information Systems in the future. The information can be obtained from the presentations of and interaction with the keynote speakers and paper presentation of the ISICO SESINDO 2013 participants.

The main speakers of the conference consist of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Higher Education Associate Chief Informatics and Computer Science (APTIKOM), president of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), the president of the Australian chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AAIS) and head of the Department of Information National University of Singapore (NUS). The presence of these world class speakers is a valuable opportunity for the sponsors who want to directly interact and share their knowledge and insights with them, both at the national and the international scope. In addition, opportunity for interacting with the conference participants will enable the sponsors to obtain feedback about products/services they provide in order to improve the quality of product and service, and to identify market opportunities and new products/services.

Interested Becoming a Sponsor in ISICO 2013 & SESINDO 2013?

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