Prof Hyerim Bae, PhD of the Industrial Engineering Department, Pusan National University, Korea invites potential candidates to apply as a MS or PhD student in Business Process Management field in Pusan National University.

Every successful candidate will be provided full scholarship (living cost+tuition) for his/her study and will be involved in business process management-related projects. Moreover, every successful candidate could select one of two possible affiliations: Industrial Engineering and Big Data for his/her study. The walk-in-interview will be conducted in the second day of ISICO (November,3 2015)

General Requirements:

  1. Has graduated or has finished the bachelor / master thesis during walk-in-interview
  2. Bachelor with GPA more than 3.0 in scale 4.0 or equivalent
  3. Hard worker and able to work in team
  4. Has good programming skills (preferably Java, Java Script, MySQL)
  5. Has good analytical thinking skills
  6. Has good communication skills (especially in English)

Every potential candidate are encouraged to contact Prof Hyerim Bae ( with attaching CV and transcripts before interview. However, on site cv and transcripts submission are also possible.  All selected candidates will enter the graduate school on Fall 2016.  In addition, it is also possible for potential candidate to enter the graduate school on Spring 2016 by sending cv and transcripts before the walk-in-interview

About Prof Hyerim Bae,

Prof Hyerim Bae obtained BS, MS, and PhD from Industrial Engineering Department, Seoul National University. He is the associate editor of international journal of innovative computing, information, and control. He is the chairman of Asia Pacific Business Process Management Conference, one of the leading BPM conference in Asia Pacific.

About Business Service Computing Lab

Business Process Service Computing (BSC) lab is an international lab in Pusan National University in which supervised by Prof Hyerim Bae.  It consists of  4 Indonesian (2 PhD students and 2 Master students) and 5 Korean students ( 1 PhD and four master students). The lab is responsible in managing several projects in BPM, one of them is BAB Project in which implements Process Mining approaches in cloud setting.