Special track call for papers from Information Systems International Conference (ISICO)

The Internet of Things (IoT) towards Industry 4.0: present andfuture opportunities

This special track has the purpose to bring together researchers, experts, and practitioners from academia,industry, and government, to discuss current trends in research, practices, and education efforts of IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of smart objects with pervasive and autonomous communication through internet connectivity. Its vision is to leverage Internet standards in order to interconnect all types of embedded devices (e.g., patient monitors, medical sensors, congestion monitoring devices, traffic-light controls, temperature sensors, smart meters, etc.) and real-world objects, and thus to make them a part of the Internet and provide overall interoperability. Therefore, IoT aim at building a future of connected devices that is truly open, flexible, and scalable. 

To this end, the IoT has been emerged as a powerful and promising technology with significant technical,

social and economic impacts. However, there are also lots of challenges to overcome to realize the potential benefits of IoT, particularly toward the Industry 4.0. The track intends to foster the identification of the challenges facing IoT and approaches for solving them for Industry 4.0 application.

With respect to this, the special track is directed to discuss present and future opportunities embracing the IoT for Industry 4.0 application. Some questions we invite contributors to this special track to ask are:

  1.  What IoT standards can be used for Industry 4.0 application?
  2. What is the influence and the role of the IoT in Industry 4.0?
Paper Submission

– Submission Deadline: April 15, 2019

– Submission Acceptance Notification: May 10 2019

– Camera Ready Deadline: May 15 2019

– Camera Ready Acceptance Notification: May 22 2019


– Registration Start: May 16 2019

– Early Bird End: June 20 2019

– Registration End: July 6 2019


– Conference Date : July, 23-24 2019

Characteristics of future IoT devices and services for Industry 4.0


  1. What are the current opportunities of the IoT toward Industry 4.0 application?
  2. What are the kinds of devices that we will have to manage for Industry 4.0 application?
  3. What will be the peculiar issues that we will have to deal with in managing those devices for Industry 4.0 applicaiton?
  4. What can we learn from case studies of early prototype systems within Industry 4.0 application?

IoT methodologies, tools, and approaches for Industry 4.0


  1. What kind of monitoring information will we have to process? 
  2. How autonomic can the IoT be and to what extend is explicit management still needed?
  3. What features (if any) should we start investigating?
  4. Can we utilize methodologies and tools currently being developed in other research areas?

Business models for IoT management for Industry 4.0 application?

  1. Can we expect administrators to have system and network management skills?
  2. Can an operator managing a server also manage an ice cream machine? Are operators with domainspecific skills (and perhaps no system and network management skills) needed instead?
  3. What new business models can the availability of large-scale IoT management platforms open?     
  4. Who will manage the devices that we buy? Should consumers manage Internet-enabled devices like light-bulbs?Or should the manufacturer manage these devices?

Subject coverage

Theoretical and empirical researches – also case studies, adopting qualitative, quantittative or mixed methods are encouraged. In relation to this, we are looking for a wide range of papers contributing on the topic for the roles and applications in the field of business process modelling toward Industry 4.0.

Authors may include in the manuscripts the following topics:

  1. IoT Architectures, Systems andTestbeds
  2. IoT Standards
  3. Networking Technologies for IoT      
  4. Protocols and Algorithms for IoT 
  5. Data Management for IoT       
  6. Power Management for IoT-         
  7. Data Analytics for IoT     
  8. Cognitive IoT
  9. Identity Management in IoT     
  10. Security and Privacy of IoT   
  11. Social and Human Aspects in IoT       
  12. Cloud Computing and IoT     
  13. Body sensor networks   
  14. Intelligent Transportation Systems      
  15. Smart Grids       
  16. Smart Homes and Smart Cities        
  17. Smart Agriculture  
  18. Industrial IoT Application        
  19. Consumer IoT Applications

Submission Deadline (Full Paper): March 10, 2019

Any specific instructions for submissions

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper has been completely re-written and if appropriate written permissions have been obtained from any copyright holders of the original paper. Please kindly read the Author Guidelines on the journal homepage before submitting your manuscript, to ensure it is consistent with the Procedia Computer Science (PCS) style. All papers must be submitted via the ISICO Submission (http:its.id/isicosubmission). Paper will undergo at least double-blind, developmental reviews by a special review board tailored to this Special Issue. Final acceptance of approved papers will be contingent on incorporating reviewers’ feedback to the satisfaction of the Guest Editors. 

Guest Editors

Anindhita Dewabharata (corresponding guest editor)

Department of Industrial and Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 

Rully Agus Hendrawan

Department of Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember