Workshop: Updating the "Information Systems Curriculum" with IS2020

The first IS2020 workshop in Indonesia
The latest Information Systems Model Curriculum

Schedule : 8 August 2021 - 12:00-15:00 (WIB)

Broaden your perspective on future IS opportunities.

Prepare IS faculty and professionals to adapt to changing industry demands and expectations.

Discuss latest curricula with Co-chair of IS2020 Taskforce Team.

The model curriculum used to develop, update, and assess IS programs (IS2010) is now nearly a decade old, and an assessment of the curriculum itself indicates that its value is decreasing due to the changing technological and skills demands in the information systems environment. One recurring theme is that current graduates' technical skills do not appear to meet industry needs. The IS discipline must express its core in terms of a standard curriculum to provide a foundation upon which to develop and offer undergraduate IS programs that meet stakeholder demands.

What you can get ?

3 long hour workshop session on updates of IS Curriculum.

Discuss new pathways and opportunities for IS faculty and practitioners.

You'll walk away with:

1. An understanding of curriculum trends that move towards the use of competency models.

2. Knowlege for updating faculty curricula or personal career plan, in alignment with industry shift towards strong technical skills.

3. Sharper perspective about competencies that are associated with high performing IS employees.

4. Prepare your faculty for international standard/accreditation and start accepting foreign students.

5. Insights from an expert who worked directly with IS2020 taskforce team.

Workshop Speaker

Prof. Hannu Salmela​​

Co-chair of IS2020 Taskforce team
Professor in Information Systems, Turku School of Economics, Turku, Finland

Professor Hannu Salmela is a Professor in Information Systems at Turku School of Economics since 1998. He studied in Turku School of Economics in 1982-1989 majoring in information systems and obtained a doctor’s degree from the same school at 1996. He has made research and teaching visits to University of Kentucky, University of Vaasa, West Georgia State University, and University of Twente. He was Principal Teacher of information systems subject in 1999-2006, Head of Department of Management in 1999-2008 and Vice Dean of Turku School of Economics in 2010-2018.

His areas of expertise:

  • IS strategy
  • IS agility
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital platforms
  • IS services
  • IT project management

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