Vision of Bright Internet and Retrospection of IS Theory Research

Global societal knowledge infrastructures and communication platforms on the Internet have made life and business more efficient and effective. Howeve...

Authors: Jae Kyu LeePublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

A lean based analysis on the Indonesian citizens’ participation in environmental impact assessment (EIA): a potential improvement through web based system and SMS-gateway

In this paper, a lean based analysis was conducted to explore the potential improvement of citizens’ participation in environmental impact assessmen...

Authors: Satria Fadil Persadaa,Shu-Chiang Lina,Reny Nadlifatina,Mohammad RazifbPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Investigating the Behavior of Citizens to Use ICT in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

In this paper, the study investigates the behavior of citizens in using information and communication technologies (ICT) in environmental impact asses...

Authors: Satria Fadil Persadaa,Shu-Chiang Lina,Reny Nadlifatina,Mohammad RazifbPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

User Interface Design for Elderly Mobile Assistive Systems

The increasing number of the elderly population and process of modernization and migration for work has increase the issue of giving support for older...

Authors: Wahidah Husain,Amirah Mohamed Shahiri and Asma Wati IbrahimPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

A Framework to Enhance Rural Healthcare Services Utilizing Cloud Computing and Videoconferencing

Lack of medical workers and poor medical services causes difficulty to detect contagious diseases for people living in remote areas. Early treatment w...

Authors: Wahidah Husain,Neesha Jothib,Lau Yong Sernc,Goh Sau Hongd,Sam Shien ChoongePublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Mobile visualization: A framework to assist fund management decision-making process

Nowadays, every organization has their own management process, and equipped with information systems to assist them. With the continuous data generati...

Authors: Muzaffar Hamzah,Mohammad Fadhli AsliPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Knowledge Transfer Model for Balinese Handicraft SMEs in Information Technology Era

Balinese Handicraft industry is one of the very unique art industry in Bali. The existence has supported tourism and also provide jobs for the majorit...

Authors: I Wayan Budi Sentanaa,Ni Luh Ayu Kartika YuniastaribPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Design of IT Governance Implementation Mechanism Using Organization Diagnosis and COBIT 5

IT governance is needed to anticipate problems in implementing IT for an organization. Inconsistencies IT implementation with business objectives will...

Authors: Yose SupriyadiaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Supply Chain Collaboration Management Framework for Small- Medium Enterprise

Even though it has an important role for the economy, SMEs are facing various obstacles that can potentially weaken its competitiveness. The use of in...

Authors: Dini Hamidina,Akhmad Yunanib,Azizah ZakiahaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Implementation of Supply Chain Simulation Model

The key to increase the performance of Indonesia's national logistics is to improve the system of logistic processes, as well as its Human Resources (...

Authors: Erna Mulyatia,Dini Hamidina,Dini HamidinbPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Sentiment Analysis to determine Accommodation, Shopping and Culinary Location on Foursquare in Kupang City

The goal of this research is to determine the sentiment of accommodation, shopping and culinary location using Naive Bayes method. Research's object a...

Authors: Paulina AlianduPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

A fuzzy ad selector model based on browsing history

Nowadays, online advertising is regarded as the most prospective form of advertising. One kind of online advertising is banner advertising. However, c...

Authors: Titah Yudhistiraa,b,Ratna Mutiara DewiaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Spatial Analysis in Human Behavior in The Environment to Predict its Movement And Comfort

People movement in their environment is very important to predict. This is in order to avoid the danger of its density especially in their circulation...

Authors: Mahendra WardhanaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

The Implementation of Shape Based Feature Extraction and Similarity Measures to Prevent Falsification of Handwritten Document

Document security in present is one of important thing because many crimes against the falsification of documents is growing anyway. This research was...

Authors: Dian Pratiwia,SyaifudinaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

A Conceptual Model for Home Budget based on Soft System Methodology and MVC pattern

In this paper we present a preliminary study of how 10 families in the Depok, Indonesia earn, save, spend and understand money and family finances. Th...

Authors: Puji Rahayua,Dana Indra Sensuse,M. Yusuf Gemasihc,Dana I. SensusedPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Seamless Document Tracking Using FUSE and SAMBA File System

Digital document is important aspect in the business. It contains critical company data such as supplier data, production data, financial data, client...

Authors: Henning Titi Ciptaningtyas,Royyana Muslim Ijtihadiea,I Gede Adhiarta WiandanaaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

DNA QR Code Scanner for Identifying the Species Origin of Meat Products

DNA barcoding is a molecular technology for species identification using a standard fragment of DNA sequence. Species identification of animal materia...

Authors: Tigor NauliaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Open source software: a gendered technology?

Exploiting the data gathered from Open Source Software contributors through in-depth interviews and Delphi method, this paper examines to what extend ...

Authors: Musyrifah Mahmoda,Zulkhairi Md. DahalinbPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Human Facial Age Classification Using Active Shape Model, Geometrical Feature, and Support Vector Machine on Early Growth Stage

Human face is an integral part for delivering an amount of nonverbal information to facilitate communication. One of the important is human age, but a...

Authors: Yosi Kristiana,b,Endang Setyatia,Yuliana Melita Pranotoa,Arya Tandy Hermawana,Michael Putra WijayaaaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

KMS-CS: A Client Server Application for Storing Toddler Health Information in Posyandu

Children under 5 years are usually said in a golden age where they grow and learn very rapidly. Somehow in this age they also prone to illness and lac...

Authors: Ratih Nur Esti Anggraini,Siti RochimahPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Development Of Basic Taekwondo Training System Application Based On Real Time Motion Capture Using Microsoft Kinect

The high criminal rates in Indonesia have caused in increased interest in martial arts among the local populace, but the means to access training are ...

Authors: Nisfu Asrul Sani,M Afif Hendrawan,Febriliyan SamopaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Reuse Bug Solution Using bugFix Recommender System

In improving the software maintenance activity, it is essential to automatically detect duplicate or similar bug reports stored in the repository, and...

Authors: Chin Yoon May,and Saadah HassanPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Detection Model for Numbers on Recording Water Meter with Neural Networks and Backpropagation Algorithm

Water meter reader is very important to monitoring continuously the water consumption. The data processing can be ease with the digital image process...

Authors: Wiwin Windihastuty,Nazori Agani,Mardi HardjiantoPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Business Process Modelling and Accounting Chart of Accounts

Organisations are constantly seeking accounting results to conduct an assesment in their business processes. Business process modelling and accounting...

Authors: Dana Aditya,Riyanarto SarnoPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Design Validation System and Legalized Document Using E- Certificate Application

A system which build with using application can cover disadvantage on current system. Validation system and document legalized available today still ...

Authors: Arifin Prasetyo Adi,Prasetyo Adi Wibowo PutroPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Designing Usable Clinical Decision Support System for Cardiovascular Detection Risk Using Participatory Design Method: An Indonesia Study

This paper focuses on approach to design a usable Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), specifically targeted to detect cardiovasc...

Authors: Vitri Tundjungsari,Abdul Salam Sofro,Ahmad SabiqPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

The Impact Of Cyberbullying And Traditional Bullying On Psychology, Physical Well-Being And Achievement Of Adolescent In Sidoarjo

The one misuse in social media is cyberbullying. Shifting perceptions about privacy raises vulnerability emergence of cyberbullying. Spreading behavio...

Authors: Eristya Maya Safitria,Bekti Cahyo HidayantobPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

User Experience Evaluation on e-Learning Platform.

E-learning Share ITS has long been used to distance learning in ITS, but Share ITS need to be evaluated with focus on user-centered. This research use...

Authors: Rima Faiqoh Augustinea,Nisfu Asrul Sanib and Edwin RiksakomoracPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Geographic Visualization Of Crime Datasets Using R: Case Study Crime Data From Indonesian Police Department, East Java

Crime is any act against the law, public welfare and morality. It creates violation of law, and is thus punishable. It needs policies and law enforcem...

Authors: Irmasari Hafidz,Renny Pradina Kusumawardhanib,Irmasari HafidzcPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Linked Data for Indonesian Healthcare

The dataset about healthcare in Indonesia is still limited and has not been able to connect with other databases. Our study aims to transform healthca...

Authors: Irmasari Hafidz,Nur Aini Rakhmawati,Nasrullah,Muhammad Idil Haq AmirPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

Surabaya Teen's Internet usage (case study: SMPN 17 Surabaya)

Nowdays, internet is one of the alternative media that has wide potential to be used as an educational media. This study presents the way of stude...

Authors: Nur Aini Rakhmawati,Widya Mukti Pinandhitaningrum,Andika Aji Siswoyo,Much Ezza Ismawan,Achmad Alwi,Estu Rizky H,Imam Afandi AhmadPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

A Prototype of MonVis-Musrenbang: Monitoring and Visualization Application for Surabaya Development Plan

e-musrenbang or e-Musyawarah Rencana Pembangunan1 is a web application that enables citizen to input proposals to the Surabaya government related to d...

Authors: Renny Pradina Kusumawardani,Nur Aini Rakhmawati,Radityo Prasetianto Wibowo,Irmasari Hafidz,Danu PrananthaPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

The Existence of Polynomial Solution of the Nonlinear

The method to solve the nonlinear differential equation with variable coefficients is presented in this work. The method is based on the application ...

Authors: Gunawan Nugroho,Totok Soehartanto,Totok R. BiyantoPublished on: 2015 #2015
ISICO 2015

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