Environmental Information Systems Development: the Case of Farm Management and Catchment Planning Tool in Victoria, Australia

This study aimed to understand how Environmental Information Systems (EIS) had been successfully developed and what factors might contribute to its de...

Authors: Wahyudi AgustionoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Simulation System for Document Image Restoration Using Mean Shift Filtering and Multi Directional Wavelet Transform

Indonesia is known as a country that has a lot of heritage, some of them are old historical documents. Each of he old document has meaning and connect...

Authors: Ridha Sefina SamosirPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a new paradigm on integrating a set of business processes. The primary goal of WMS is to efficiently control all...

Authors: Reza Pulungan,Simon Pulung Nugroho,Nova El Maidah,Tri Bowo Atmojo,Panggih PawenangPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Comparison of Intelligent Water Drops and Backtrack Algorithm in Solving Travelling Salesman Problem

Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a classical problem to find the best and minimum solution for a salesman to travel all of the city and return to ...

Authors: Indra Maryati,GunawanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Supply Chain Management Implementation for Food Security Besides Rice (Cassava) Using ERP Software

Food is one of basic needs of human to stay alive; it means food security take strategic position for human living continuance. Food diversification c...

Authors: Erma Suryani,Retno Aulia Vinarti,Kukuh Pratama,Radityo Prasetianto WibowoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Production and Machine Scheduling System Integrated with Materials Requirement Planning

Production and machine scheduling is important for any corporation in order to meet the customers demand. Literatures show that integration between cu...

Authors: Meliana Christianti J.,Yogha Satya UtamaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analysis and Design Application for Quantifying IT Business Value

North Sulawesi province is fostering regional development towards a society which has values, prosperous and competitive cultures. Information Technol...

Authors: Stanley Karouw,Hans WoworPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Adequate LTE Downlink Scheduling Scheme for Video Streaming Services

The delivery of multicast channels over capacity limited radio links requires efficient utilization of the air interface that make best use of the res...

Authors: Ulil S. ZulpratitaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Digital Color Image Encryption using RC4 Stream Cipher and Chaotic Logistic Map

Doing a digital image transmission over internet need a secure protection, against illegal copying. Unfortunately, many current data encryption method...

Authors: Ni G. A. P. Harry Saptarini,Yosua Alberth SirPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Fuzzy AHP decision support sytem on SKM receiver selection

Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu (SKTM) is a letter issued by the City of Sukabumi government to help poor citizens with benefits in medical treatment. Th...

Authors: Cut Fiarni,Arief Gunawan,Asti LestariPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Document Authentication Using Print-Scan Image Watermarking Based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) Algorithm

Important printed documents such as certificates, insurance policy, and other important documents can be manipulated by someone according to the techn...

Authors: Nazori Agani,M. Iman Wahyudi,RiyantoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Secure and Private Content Distribution in the DRM Environment

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is required to provide balanced protection for both the content provider and the users in a content distribution syste...

Authors: Antonius Cahya Prihandoko,Hossein Ghodosi,Bruce LitowPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Embedding and Extracting Technique for Implementing Image Watermarking Based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform)

The protection of ownership and prevention of unauthorized tampering with multimedia data (audio, video, image and text) have become important concern...

Authors: Irfan,Nazori AganiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Does Enterprise Architecture give value to e-Government in Developed Countries?

Because of the holistic capability of Enterprise Architecture (EA) governments of developed countries have promoted EA adoption to improve coherency i...

Authors: M. Ali Hanafiah,Robert GoodwinPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Issues of the morphological analysis in comparison with the compound noun extraction analysis for a patent document

Compound nouns are frequently encountered in the claims of a patent application. We compared the use of compound noun analysis to morphological analys...

Authors: Kyoko Yanagihori,Kazuhiko TsudaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Usability Testing on Flight Searching Website Using Heuristic Evaluation

Usability is determined as how a product can be used to achieve certain goals effectively, efficiently and satisfyingly. The purpose of the current st...

Authors: Rianto,Ridi FerdianaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Designing an exciting semiotic, indigenized and rhizomatic courseware environment

One of the many challenges of a developing country like the Philippines is the lack of local content materials particularly in the primary school. The...

Authors: Maria Victoria PinedaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Web Tags Formatting with Multilevel Numbering

To know the headline location in a web page/blog automatically needed an extraction method because each website/blog has own unique characteristic in ...

Authors: Andrea Stevens Karnyoto,Marius LimpoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Exploratory Investigation of Potential Signature Pedagogies in the Information Systems Discipline

This study was an initial investigation on the kinds of signature pedagogies employed in the Information Systems discipline. It attempted to identify ...

Authors: Yenni Merlin Djajalaksana,James A. Eison,Robert F. DedrickPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Semantic Analysis of Structured High-definition MPEG-2 Soccer Video Using Bayesian Netowrk

Recently, the Bayesian network has been applied for semantic analysis for soccer video games. Although existing works are intuitive to yield adequate ...

Authors: Jiang Feihu,Hiroyoshi Morita,Akiko ManadaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Developing Web Services for Data Integration and Distribution Presence System for Lecturer, Assistant, and Students using Agile Unified Process

Computerized presence system in STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto has an important role in monitoring attendance and discipline lecturers, students, and assista...

Authors: Fandy Setyo Utomo,Berlilana,Rujianto Eko SaputroPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Study and Development of Learning Object Repository (LOR) Service in Rural Areas using the Perspective of Product Service System (PSS)

Digital learning in rural areas have various limitations, such as limitations in access to information and the lack of human resources in rural areas....

Authors: Andrew Fernando PakpahanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Development of Visit Ancol Dreamland with Augmented Reality (VADAR) Application Based on Android

Along with the development of mobile devices such as smartphones which become more sophisticated , citizens of Jakarta as users are enabled to get the...

Authors: Hery Herawan,Lulu Chaerani MunggaranPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Detection of a Person Awaking or Falling Out of Bed Using a Range Sensor

In this paper, we describe a monitoring system for bedridden persons that utilize a proximity range sensor with an infrared projector and is capable o...

Authors: Geer Cheng,Sawako Kida,Hideo FuruhashiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Factors that Relate to the Selection of Instructional Strategies in Information Systems Discipline

Information Systems is a discipline which connects the concepts, theories, and processes between business world and information technology systems. Te...

Authors: Yenni Merlin Djajalaksana,Robert F. Dedrick,James A. EisonPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Implementation of Digital Signage for Digital Comunication Media

Digital signage is a broad depiction of a new media using a variety of technologies. In general, digital signage leads to an electronic media centrall...

Authors: Awan Setiawan,Iwan Abadi,Sheilfiyanti Abdul RahmanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

E-Learning Based On WBLP versus E-Learning Based On WBIS

Today, e-learning is the world trendsetter education in developing web-based educational systems. There are two types web-based educational systems on...

Authors: Florentina Yuni Arini,SunarmiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Innovation Diffusion and Adoption of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Wilmar in Wilmar's intra-organization

This paper is drawn upon a research about “Innovation Diffusion and Adoption of Geographic Information System (GIS) Wilmar in Wilmar's intra-organiz...

Authors: Kristina Gloria Simanjuntak,Danang JunaediPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Diffusion Analysis of F-function on KASUMI Algorithm

There are several aspects and criteria that should be considered for designing Feistel block cipher, including: block size, key size, number of rounds...

Authors: Rizki Yugitama,Bety Hayat Susanti,MagfirawatyPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Twitter Used by Indonesian President: An Sentiment Analysis of Timeline

Humans are social beings and they loved to communicate with each other. With the transformation of communication nowadays people interact using social...

Authors: Paulina AlianduPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Curriculum Structure of The Undergraduate Programs of Information Systems in Indonesia in the year of 2013

Recent developments in the field of information technology have led to the increase of the number of undergraduate program of information systems in I...

Authors: Arif Wibisono,Amna Shifia NisafaniPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Metadata for Creating and Displaying Dashboard

Dashboard is a visual graphical interface that should give complete global information to the users at a glance. The information for each dashboard ca...

Authors: Rosni LumbantoruanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

E-Learning User Interface Acceptance Based on Analysis of User's Style, Usability and User Benefits

E-learning does not function properly if the system is not in accordance with user needs. This study aims to establish an evaluation model for e-learn...

Authors: Ramadiani,Rodziah binti AtanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Designing Portal Amazing North Sulawesi as Part of Indonesian e-Cultural Heritage and Natural History

Digital preservation is one of the ways to make tourism of a nation keeps alive. The tourism of a nation rooted in its culture and nature. The wealth ...

Authors: Stanley Karouw,Hans Wowor,Gene KapantowPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

How to Integrate XBRL Into Accounting Curriculum at Banjarmasin State Polytechnic

Backgrounds – eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a significant new information technology for the electronic communication of business...

Authors: Noor Romy RahwaniPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Development of KPI for Measuring ICT Support Service Quality

This paper proposes a development of key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring the quality of ICT support services. The usage of Information and...

Authors: Rozi Nor Haizan,N.,Rose Alinda,A.,Azizah,A.R.Published on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Development System With Absensi-Based Content Image Retrieval (CBIR)

The application of robot system by using gray scale images and pre-process using the Wavelet Haar method, often applies some error to calculating simi...

Authors: Pandapotan Siagian,Erick Fernando,Sindak HutaurukPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Geographic Information System for Mapping Place Of Health Care using Algorithm A*

Facility search for clinical information, place of health care, doctor schedule, etc. is not available in the information system, so people cannot fig...

Authors: Erick Fernando,Pandapotan Siagian,Sindak HutaurukPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

An Holistic Evaluation of Federated SPARQL Query Engine

Federated SPARQL Query Frameworks have been actively developed recently. Such a system consists of federated engines as a mediator and a group of SP...

Authors: Nur Aini RakhmawatiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Dashboard Marketing System using Business Intelligence Case Study: UNIS Tangerang

The problem were discussed in this study are university management have difficulties in getting report for locations, time and promotions of studentâ€...

Authors: Dony Saputra,Oleh Soleh,Meta Amalya DewiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Failure to Launch: Scope Creep and Other Causes Of Failure

One of the causes of information systems development project is scope creep. The increasing number of features demanded by stakeholders to be built in...

Authors: Samiaji SarosaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Utilizing Instant Messaging for Real-Time Notification and Information Retrieval of Snort Intrusion Detection System

Snort is widely used Intrusion Detection System (IDS) software for detecting security incidents on the network. The Snort alerts are stored in a datab...

Authors: Hargyo Tri Nugroho,Bagas Adi WicaksonoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Online Privacy Awareness using Social Media: A Case Study of Malaysian Youth

The wave of social media has changed the preference of how youth are using technology for communication. Recent study shows that youth are the main us...

Authors: Kamarul F. Hashim,Ammar Rashid,Shafiz Affendi Mohd YusofPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Malware Attacks Intelligence in Higher Education Networks

Malware attacks have been the highest cyber security threats in many organizations for the last decade. The objective of this research is to analyze m...

Authors: Charles Lim,Louis LukitoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Development of Drowsiness Detection System with Analyzing Attention and Meditation Wave using Support Vector Machine Method

The purpose of this project is recording EEG data from user, and developing drowsiness detector system application as solution for accident problem ca...

Authors: Indoriko Shin,Bambang Setiawan,Febriliyan Samopa,Hatma Suryotrisongko,Faizal Johan Atletiko,Radityo P. WibowoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Drowsiness Detector System Development for Late Night Shift Workers Using Support Vector Machine Method with Neurosky Mindwave Mobile

Drowsiness is the common thing that happens to every human. However, this could cause some problems. There have been many accidents happen in Indonesi...

Authors: Izzat Aulia Akbar,Febriliyan Samopa,Bambang Setiawan,Hatma Suryotrisongko,Faizal Johan Atletiko,Radityo P WibowoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analysis of Mysql Server and Mysql Cluster Performance on the Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a collection of the integrated computing systems over a network, and being one of the many technologies that are currently carried ...

Authors: Zefriansyah,Fathir Wafda,Teddy Juana,Yuwaldi AwayPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Colorectal Cancer Classification using PCA and Fisherface Feature Extraction Data from Pathology Microscopic Image

Colorectal cancer is the one of variant cancer which can kill people on this earth. World Health Organization, from their website wrote about 608,000 ...

Authors: Fajri Rakhmat Umbara,Adiyasa Nurfalah,The Houw LiongPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Feature-Based Sentiment Analysis in Online Review with Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines (S3VMs)

Online reviews provide facility so that internet user can give review about an aspect. Sentiments about a product are useful and have an influence in ...

Authors: Jessie Setiady,Warih Maharani,Rita RismalaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Academic Mining to Assist the Guardian Mechanism Using Naive Bayes Classifier

Until now, academic data only used for the purposes of calculating GPA, graduation requirements, transcripts, and others processes related to reports ...

Authors: Veronikha Effendy,The Houw LiongPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Dashboard Information System for Student’s Character Assesment

With growth of industrial requirement for skilled labor that had not only high academic skills but also good character, Schools and university faced c...

Authors: Dony Saputra,Dedi Royadi,Zainul HakimPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Path Analysis Model for Identification Enabler Enterprise Governance in Implementation of Vocational Higher Education Governance

In model of vocational university governance generated by the authors previously, generate a model that there is an enabler of enterprise governance (...

Authors: Heru Nugroho,Kridanto SurendroPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Design analysis of the footstep identification through the recognition of home occupant walking habits

Human activities will produce different types of sounds and vibrations. The sounds and vibrations generated by human activities can be used for variou...

Authors: Eko Polosoro,Jazi Eko istiyanto,Agfianto Eko PutraPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Web Site Usability Evaluation: An Exploratory Study on the Web Site of Directorate General of Higher Education

Website becomes an integral part how people access information. Thus, it now becomes a challenge to develop a usable and effective website to meet use...

Authors: Imam Azhari,Agus HarjokoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Dashboard for Monitoring Network Operations

Network devices such as server, router, printer that operated in the company or an organization, should be monitored and managed well, to guarantee re...

Authors: Eka Stephani SinambelaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Batik Image Classification Rule Extraction using Fuzzy Decision Trees

Batik is an Indonesian cultural heritage that recognized as an international cultural heritage. Batik as one of the world's cultural heritage can be p...

Authors: Anita Ahmad Kasim,Retantyo WardoyoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Let’s Keep on Reading: User-Centered Design of an Online Book Loan System for University Students in Bandung

The demanding life nowadays limits people from doing their hobbies in their, spare time, including reading books. Borrowing books from a book loan cen...

Authors: Maria Elnymesia Birgita,Johanna Renny Octavia HariandjaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Review on Data Mining Methods for Tuberculosis Diagnosis

Tuberculosis, which is the oldest human disease with the highest mortality rates among infectious diseases, continues to be the world's attention. Pre...

Authors: Rusdah,Edi WinarkoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Theoretical Knowledge Transfer Model in Disaster Management: A Case Study of Managing Floods in Malaysia

Managing knowledge effectively during a disaster event is crucial as it helps to ensure better decisions are made under a constrained situation. Manag...

Authors: Kamarul F. Hashim,Mazida AhmadPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Applying ITIL Based Software Inside University’s ICT Centre toward Continual Service Improvement

TIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework consists of best practices for IT service management. University as an educational ...

Authors: TawarPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analysis of Automated Scheduling System Case Study Oral Final Study Examination in Swiss German University

Timetabling is a complex and often difficult task. Considering the large number of students, availability of lecturers and rooms, scheduling a feasibl...

Authors: James Purnama,Julius Polar,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

GPU-Based Parallel Programming for Digital Document Image Classification

The use of document images is currently increasing. It creates another need to classify document images into their type automatically. To recognize th...

Authors: Refi Sencia Dity,Julius Polar,Reggio N. Hartono,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Optimum Sizing of Photovoltaic-Wind Power Hybrid System For Small Information System Center in Perlis, Malaysia

This paper presents a methodology for calculation of the optimum sizing of photovoltaic (PV)-wind power hybrid system. Data of temperature, solar radi...

Authors: M. Irwanto,Y.M. Irwan,N. Gomesh,S. P. HadiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Implementing Quiz Creator to Improve the Quality of Education

Nowdays, there are so many ways to improve the quality of education. One of the way is using software-based instructional media called Multimedia. In ...

Authors: Heny Pratiwi,Ekawati YulsilvianaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

An Interface Model for Information Visualization of Multiple Electronic Health Records

Different visualization tools and systems facilitate physicians and medical professionals in interpreting both temporal and non-temporal patient’s i...

Authors: Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik,Suziah SulaimanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Cognitive Task Analysis: A Contextual Inquiry Study on Basic Computer and Information Literacy Skills among Physicians

With the advancement of health information technology, knowledge in the healthcare sector is also expanding vigorously. Adequate competencies and skil...

Authors: Fozia Anwar,Suziah Sulaiman,P.D.D.DominicPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Preliminary Study on The Impact of Knowledge Collection Behavior and Creative Intention on Programmer’s Creativity

Creativity is an essential ingredient in software development. The majority of existing research on creativity in software engineering addresses the r...

Authors: Aamir Amin,Shuib Basri,Mohd Fadzil B Hassan,Mobashar RehmanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Measuring Quality of Asian Airline Websites Using Analytical Hierarchy Process: A Future Customer Satisfaction Approach

The use of internet has changed the way of handling daily affairs of the people. The recent advancement in technology has given the chance to the comp...

Authors: Humera Khan,P.D.D.DominicPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Practitioners’ Validation on Effectiveness of Mobile School Model

MobileSchool model is developed for the implementation of MobileSchool system in Malaysian secondary schools. This paper presents practitioners’ per...

Authors: Ahmad Sobri Hashim,Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad,Azizah Jaafar,Shahrina Md NordinPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Dynamic Simulation Model to Reduce Electricity Distribution Losses in Medium and Low Voltage Networks

The reliability of electricity distribution systems plays an important role to guarantee the sustainability of electrical power supply to consumer. Th...

Authors: Erma Suryani,Umi Salama,Rully Agus Hendrawan,Achmad JauhariPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Campus of Del Polytechnic of Informatics in Geographic Information System Representation

Del Polytechnic of Informatics or Del has a map or mockups the entire area of the campus. But, it is only a picture or mockups without any explanation...

Authors: Humasak T.A. SimanjuntakPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Factor Analysis: An Applied Approach towards the Adoption of Cloud Computing to Enhance the Healthcare Services in Malaysia

The global healthcare industry is continuing to grow, and it is important to realize that the healthcare providers will have to continue to invest in ...

Authors: P.D.D.Dominic,Kalai Anand RatnamPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Knowledge Sharing on Post-Harvest Product from Industrial Tree for Business

The village economic development based on some factors such as the circumstances and potential of natural resources, human resources, especially their...

Authors: Dian Anubhakti,Basuki Hari Prasetyo,Nazir HarjantoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Model of Feedback Relationships between Software Maintenance and Information Systems Staff Management: A Case of an E-government System

To ensure systems sustainability in delivering services, software maintenance (SM) is a necessary condition to solve emerging errors and satisfy new r...

Authors: Gunadi,Geoffrey A. Sandy,and G. Michael McGrathPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Minecraft: A Game as an Education and Scientific Learning Tool

Games are not just played; they are talked about, read about, fantasized about, altered, and become models for everyday life. This had raised much con...

Authors: Glenn Ekaputra,Charles Lim,Kho I. EngPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Model of Posted-Price Opaque Booking System Implemented for Indonesian-Market Online Travel Agent. Case Study: Klikhotel.com

The subject of this research is to find out the most suitable of opaque selling strategy without diluting hotel brand and pricing policy to be impleme...

Authors: Niko Ibrahim,VerliyantinaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Twitter Sentiment Analysis and Insight for Indonesian Mobile Operators

Tweeting is one of the most common human activities around the world nowadays. Twitter is the name of the website that provides micro blogging service...

Authors: Hansen Wijaya,Alva Erwin,Amin Soetomo,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Proposed Model for Animation of Malay Folktales for Children

Animation is one of the multimedia elements, which has drawn the attention of children. Animation is widely used in the digitization of folktales as a...

Authors: Norshahila Ibrahim,Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad,Aâ??fza ShafiePublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Can "Quality of Sleep" Be Evaluated from Hypnogram? - Estimation of Factor Score of Oguri-Shirakawa -Azumi Sleep Inventory by Artificial Neural Network-

The connection between the psychological evaluation of "quality of sleep" and the physiological one was considered by matching Oguri-Shirakawa-Azumi s...

Authors: Tomohiko Igasaki,Yosuke Taniyama,Yudai Matsuda,Nobuki MurayamaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Evaluating the QOS for E-Commerce Architecture Using Proposed WQM Algorithm

Impulsive demands posed by unexpected flows of requests from users on Internet have made it exceedingly challenging for E-Commerce to offer anticipate...

Authors: Riktesh SrivastavaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Holistic Approach for Memory Analysis in Windows System

Research on computer memory analysis has been quite intensive in the past years. A number of tools and techniques have been designed and developed to ...

Authors: K. A. Z. Ariffin,A.K Mahmood,J. Jaafar,S. ShamsuddinPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Parallel Architecture for Multiple-Face Detection Technique Using AdaBoost Algorithm and Haar Cascade

ace detection is a very important biometric application in the field of image analysis and computer vision. The basic face detection method is AdaBoos...

Authors: Hadi Santoso,Reza PulunganPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

A Web-Based Tool Support for Automating Software Effort Estimation

Software effort estimation has become one of the most important concerns of software industries. Developers use effort estimation to ensure the qualit...

Authors: Zhamri Che Ani,Shuib BasriPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Comparing Clasification Algorithm Of Data Mining to Predict the Graduation Students on Time

The percentage of students who graduate on time is one of the elements of accreditation of a study program. Based on data from the administrative and ...

Authors: Imam Tahyudin,Ema Utami,Armadyah AmborowatiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Private Healthcare in Malaysia: Investigation on Technology Profiles and Technology Acceptance Factors

The implementation of information technology in healthcare sector is growing due various great benefits offered by its usage. This study investigates ...

Authors: Aliza Sarlan,Rohiza Ahmad,Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad,P.D.D.DominicPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Evaluating Educational Mobile Games for School Children

Computer and mobile games are being used as a tool to increase students’ productivity and efficiency. It is necessary that educational games should ...

Authors: Sarmad Soomro,Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad,Suziah SulaimanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Integrating IQ Engines Smartcamera and Google API for Android to Find Books through Google Books

Today, it is basically impossible to live without the help of technology. Technology makes everything simpler and faster. For example, the appearance ...

Authors: Stefanus,Julius Polar,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Automatic Demographic Classification of Indonesian Twitter Users

Demographic Classification is a method to classify people by its demographic. Twitter has become one of largest social media which there are millions ...

Authors: Hashfi Rasis,Alva Erwin,Julius Polar,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Application of Extended Weighted Tree Similarity Algorithm in Online Commodity Exchange of Agro Forward Auction Market in Central Java Province

This research aims at providing an alternative solution to the market of agricultural products in the form of an online commodity exchange. Beside as ...

Authors: Johan J.C. Tambotoh,Wiwin Sulistyo,Jasson PrestilianoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Integrated Application Agent-Based Services

This paper is aim to give illustration how the software or application services in the cloud go further and propose the original architecture frame wo...

Authors: Susmini Indriani LestariningatiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Intensive/High Care Unit System for Long-Term Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability

Real-time instantaneous vital sign monitoring systems help medical staff in the intensive/high care unit to monitor a patient’s condition, but the d...

Authors: Faizal Mahananto,Tomohiko Igasaki,Nobuki Murayama,Junichi MaeharaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Implementation Analysis of Simplified AES (S-AES) Algorithm on Matyas-Meyer-Oseas (MMO), Davies-Meyer (DM), and Miyaguchi-Preneel (MP) Schemes using Yuval’s Birthday Attack

Matyas-Meyer-Oseas (MMO), Davies-Meyer (DM), and Miyaguchi Preneel (MP) schemes are block cipher based hash functions that used to provide data integr...

Authors: Elena Sabarina,Bety Hayat Susanti,Agus WinarnoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analysis of the Use of Whirlpool’s S-box, S1 and S2 SEED’s S-box in AES Algorithm with SAC Test

Since 2001, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher has become a standard algorithm and widely used in cryptographic applications. The heart o...

Authors: Novita Angraini,Bety Hayat Susanti,MagfirawatyPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

E-Learning Activity based on EMM and ADKAR Change Management for Elementary Schools

The introduction of internet service in Cinta Mekar village-Subang, west Java, becomes a unique phenomenon. This is because; the village located far f...

Authors: Sari Dewi Budiwati,Armein Z. LangiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Information Technology Governance Using COBIT 4.1 Framework for Supporting Service of Information Technology (Case Study: PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang)

After the spin-off as a Holding Company of Indonesian fertilizer company which is currently held by PT. Pusri Holding, PT. Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang ...

Authors: Stenly Heryudo,Angelina Prima Kurniati,Erda Guslinar PerdanaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Developing Android-Based Personal Emergency Notification System with Global Positioning System as an Alternative Handling for Public Safety

To handle many public emergency problems, Indonesian government did many things. One of them was launching emergency call center 110 for handling crim...

Authors: Widiasa Wijaya,Bambang Setiawan,Hatma Suryotrisongko,Febriliyan Samopa,Nisfu Asrul SaniPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

User Testing of a System Prototype for Adaptive English Learning using Perturbation Learner Model

This paper presents a study to evaluate a system prototype that supports adaptive English learning. The prototype was previously developed based on a ...

Authors: Nguyen Viet Dung,Suziah Sulaiman,Mohd Fadzil HassanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

An IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Maturity Strategy for Private Cloud Sourcing Models: A Literature Review and Research Methodology Formation

ITIL adoption has started to wane over the last few years due to the overall cost of implementation and difficulties with integrating the ITIL methodo...

Authors: Alma Miller,Enrique Campos-Nanez,Pavel Fomin,James WasekPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Social Evolution in Human Relations Behavior of Utilizing Facebook

A social networking site has created a lot of issues where individuals are spending so much time on it and they are replacing the traditional communic...

Authors: Syahida Mohd Nazri,Zulkifli Abd. LatiffPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Improving TCP Fairness Flows in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

In scenario where wireless ad hoc networks are deployed, significant TCP unfairness in wireless ad hoc networks has been reported during the past seve...

Authors: Hatim Mohamad Tahir,Abas Md Said,Alex W.M. TanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Solving University Timetabling Problem Using Harmony Search: a Case Study in STMIK Mikroskil

A University Timetabling Problem (UTP) belongs to NP-complete (Nondeterministic Polynomial-Complete) problem category since it has huge search space t...

Authors: Harrison,Hardy,Ng Poi WongPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analyzing Rice Demand and Supply Behavior for Food Availability: a System Dynamics Model. Case Study: Sub-Regional Surabaya, Gresik and Sidoarjo)

Food availability is a cross-cutting issue that has become a national issue as the impact of food insecurity in several regions in Indonesia. Current ...

Authors: Erma Suryani,Diajeng Permata I.J.,Rully Agus Hendrawan,Lily Puspa DewiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

An Impact Analysis of Social Media Strategy for a Customer Engagement of an Indonesian Pop Band (ADA Band)

Social Media has been a supportive yet crucial marketing tool to help one's business grow larger by simply being a right medium to accommodate the cos...

Authors: Rabekha Delia Angiani,Alva Erwin,Amin Soetomo,Maulahikmah GaliniumPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analyzing Surabaya City Government E-Procurement Success Using Information Systems Success Model

E-procurement as a form of e-governement has been applied in many developed countries. Indonesia as a developing country has implemented an e-procurem...

Authors: Mudjahidin Mudjahidin,Rizka Marsa P,Bambang Setiawan,Hatma SuryotrisongkoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Customization of the ISACA’s Framework as an Audit Model for Large Scale (Enterprise) Web Applications

The applications of information technology, specifically web applications, in the business sector, have led to changes in paradigms, techniques and to...

Authors: Gede Karya,Veronica S. MoertiniPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Assessment of Color Levels in Leaf Color Chart Using Smartphone Camera with Relative Calibration

Leaf Color Chart (LCC) is used in agriculture modeling for monitoring the plant performance by comparing the leaf color and its corresponding color in...

Authors: Yuita Arum Sari,R V Hari Ginardi,Riyanarto SarnoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Recognition of Handwriting Based on Signature and Digit of Character Using Multiple of Artificial Neural Networks in Personality Identification

Handwriting stroke reflects the written trace of each individual's rhythm and style. By examining all elements of handwriting and interpreting them se...

Authors: Esmeralda C. Djamal,Sheldy Nur Ramdlan,Jeri SaputraPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Virtual Reality: An Alternative Tools for Knowledge Acquisition Process

This paper will discuss the Knowledge Management (KM) process focusing on knowledge acquisition phase and Virtual Reality (VR) technology to utilize i...

Authors: Siti Rohajawati,Dana Indra Sensuse,Astrid SugianaPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Metrics and Attributes for Assessing the Stability of Handheld Application Usage

This study is designed to identify metrics and attributes for assessing the stability of handheld application usage. The objectives of this study are...

Authors: Amalina Farhi Ahmad FadzlahPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Comparative Study of E-Government Enterprise Architecture by Secondary Attributes of 3 Asian Countries

By Waseda University International e-Government Ranking, announced in 2012 the state of Singapore, Korea and Indonesia ranks first, third and thirty t...

Authors: Khakim Ghozali,Yudho Giri SucahyoPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Internet Center (Warnet) Diffusion in Rural Villages to Sustain Economic Development or Part of Global Big Data Trend?

Internet evolved very fast, while developing and emerging economies still struggle with diffusion of Internet access in the rural villages and remote...

Authors: Rudi RusdiahPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Privacy and Security in Cloud Environment: A Survey of Recent Development

Recently, security and privacy issues have become barriers to the adoption of cloud computing. The main risks associated with cloud environments are t...

Authors: Amal Alsubaih,Alaaeldin Hafez,Khaled AlghathbarPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Developing Independent Data Mart and Analysis Tools as Standalone Application

Since organizations are forced to make fast decision, the urgency of data becomes significant. Data must be maintained in a way that analyst could use...

Authors: Rully Agus HendrawanPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Comparison of CBA Algorithm and CBS Algorithm for Meteorological Data Classification

An increase in the growth of data as a result of the widely use of applications as well as information systems has made data mining an important task ...

Authors: Mohammad Iqbal,Imam Mukhlash,Hanim Maria AstutiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Visualization of Intelligent System using Decision Tree and Fuzzy Clustering for Heart Disease Early Detection

Heart disease is one of serious ailments in most countries especially in Indonesia. Based on Indonesia Heart Foundation reports, there is almost 27 he...

Authors: Wiwik Anggraeni,Achmad Pramono,Retno Aulia VinartiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

The Influence of Parameter Choice on the Performance of SVM RBF Classifiers for Argumentative Zoning

Today scientists are inundated by the plethora of works that may or may not be relevant to their research interests and needs. One of the concepts pro...

Authors: Renny Pradina Kusumawardani,Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono,Masayu Leylia KhodraPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Analyzing the Influence of Information System’s Quality, User Satisfaction and Net Benefit of E-Learning Users

e-learning is widely used by academic institutions to support their teaching and learning process, so does Information Systems Department, Institut Te...

Authors: Aris Kusumawati,Apol Pribadi,Hanim Maria AstutiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Creating the Document of Software Development Quality Assurance of School Social Network (SSN) based on IEEE 730-2002 Standard

Ideally, the development of an application should follow a software development methodology in order to provide a clear direction of the development p...

Authors: Apol Pribadi,Ika Nurkhasanah,Hanim Maria AstutiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

Factors affecting the acceptance of Enterprise Resource Planning software: a case study in a manufacturing company

Every enterprise expects successful adoption of Information Technology (IT) to support their business process. While there has been many research cond...

Authors: Tony Dwi Susanto,Benediktus Kukuh Ganang Indarto,Anisah HerdiyantiPublished on: 2013 #2013
ISICO 2013

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